As an internationally known recording artist for both Roulette and Atco Records, he toured the U.S. and Europe, performed on national TV and radio, and created a large catalogue of original work. He went on to score music for film, theater, video and commercials, and wrote scripts for feature films.

He focused his talents on children’s programming for a time and enjoyed great success as a Random House author, publishing numerous music/book titles. He also created and starred in seven full-length, children’s music videos for Random House, Woodknapp, and Good Times Video. These works were repeatedly awarded by such industry standard setters as ‘Parent’s Choice’, ‘Video Review’, and ‘California Parents’.

Latest Release


Pictures and Stories

  1. A Little More Guitar Don Cooper 3:39
  2. The Course Of Time Don Cooper 5:12
  3. How Did It Come Down To This Don Cooper 3:31
  4. Finally Done Don Cooper 3:15
  5. Ancient City Moon Don Cooper 3:20
  6. Caroline Don Cooper 3:14
  7. Southern Gothic Don Cooper 5:10
  8. Waiting Don Cooper 3:34
  9. Lefty's Gone Missing Don Cooper 3:46
  10. Guernica Don Cooper 4:58


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